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WA Cares Fund: 2022 Legislative Update (BA200)

The WA Cares Fund, initially enacted in 2019, was slated to require employee payroll premiums to start in 2022, with benefit payments available as early as 2025. Legislation enacted in 2022 changed these effective dates, as well as a number of other program provisions. This course provides an overview of the WA Cares Fund program, changes to the law over last few years, and the newest changes enacted in 2022.

Sandy Wood will review the LTSS Commission’s 2022 recommendations to the legislature, as well as which of these made it to the Governor’s desk for signature. She’ll also provide the status of a Federal lawsuit, a citizen’s initiative, and a cease-and-desist letter from Idaho.

Take-aways or learning outcomes:
• An understanding of the current WA Cares law
• Tweaks that the legislature has made to the program
• The various legal issues that the law has encountered

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  • WA Cares Fund: Legislative Update
  • 01 An Overview of WA Cares Fund
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  • 02 Why WA Cares
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  • 03 Legislating LTC
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  • 04 LTSS Trust Commission Recommendations Report
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  • 05 Legal Action Updates
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